zzrtl 1.0.4 update

20/8/2020 One-minute read

Remember this junk from the manual?

repack should always be false (0) unless you modify MM’s packing functionality; this makes it so the re-encoded files fit at the offsets of the original files within the archives (this is to get around MM’s hard-coded references to the assets; if you happen to use custom code for MM archive parsing, you can use true (1)

It turns out that was dead wrong. The actual problem was, certain parts of a certain (few?) archive(s)’s file table(s) were being overwritten thanks to a hiccup in my alignment code. Thankfully, Aroenai was able to pinpoint one of these broken files and the bug was fixed in no time.

One less thing to haunt me; thanks again, Aroenai!

r4 credits

  • Aroenai - MM yaz archive bug report and testing

r4 changes

  • relocating yaz files within archives was not working properly due to alignment, but now it is; thanks for the bug report, Aroenai!