zzrtl 1.0.3 update

13/4/2020 2-minute read

Majora’s Mask scripts are now available.

r3 credits
    - /Zel/ - MM script collaboration

r3 changes
    - final changes to make MM scripts possible
    - MM scripts are now available
    - updated OoT scripts
    - dump scripts now work on compressed roms
    - extension assertion: zzrtl now complains if
      provided with a file not of the extension .rtl
    - raw data assertion: zzrtl now complains if
      provided with a file that doesn't contain some
      form of "int main" (e.g. an html file saved
      with the .rtl extension)
    - added a function file_exists(fn) to check if a
      file exists (returns 1 if it does, 0 otherwise)
    - rom.inject_dma() function added for injecting
      a file over a known existing DMA entry
      (file-size must match file being overwritten)
      (rom.inject_raw_dma() also available)
    - rom.extract_dma() function added for extracting
      a file of a known DMA index
    - .next() and .remaining() are now able to be
      used with conf files of type list, for the
      purpose of stepping through list items
    - .name() and .value() functions for retrieving
      the name and value (as strings) of the
      selected conf list item have been added
    - an int_array() function to make up for zzrtl
      not supporting int array[32]; type declarations
    - a new_string() function for easy string building
    - rom version checking to reduce weird errors
      encountered from using a dump/build script with
      a rom not supported by it
    - loadfile() function added
    - tsv_col_row() function added