zzplayas 1.0.3 update

17/3/2020 One-minute read

This revision eliminates a rare bug that was encountered when an old pointer and a new pointer share the same offset.

zzrtl project files are now supported as well. If you used an older dump script to generate your filesystem, you will have to edit your project.zzrpl file in Notepad++ so that the variables used by zzplayas are prefixed with ZZPLAYAS_, like so:

zzrtl                   v0.01
baserom                 "baserom.z64"
ZZPLAYAS_VROM_CODE      "'baserom.z64'+0x00B3C000"
ZZPLAYAS_VROM_PLAYER    "'baserom.z64'+0x00CA7F00"

The scripts on the repo have been updated to reflect this change.

Due to popular demand, the command line utility zzobjman.exe is included in the win32 folder of this release.

As always, you can find the update on the zzplayas download page.

Bug report and testing credits for this version: CrookedPoe and Skilar