zzconvert 1.0.1 update

24/9/2018 One-minute read

The following updates have been made to improve stability and conversion quality:

  • Added error checking so it won’t crash if UVs or normals are missing.
  • MTL color checkbox wasn’t working in the win32-gui build, this is now fixed.
  • Now matches by extension when searching for assembly textures (so no mixing eyes.png with eyes_X.bmp, alright?). Read the manual if you don’t know what assembly textures are.
  • Added warning for animation data that exceeds the game’s limit (see the manual).
  • Label names in C output are now sanitized.
  • obj.h is now exported alongside the new .zobj, in the same directory. Likewise, C style output is now the default. Disable these features by selecting “No obj.h nor C output” when converting, or use -nh on command line.

Get the updated version on the download page.