zzplayas 1.0.2 update

  • Now supports DE and DA opcodes when parsing the bank ZOBJs, like MM Link’s object.
  • The OBJECT section now has a pool feature for aliasing display lists. It will be possible to hot swap all ZOBJs created using the same manifest, so long as this feature is adequately employed.
  • Now supports exporting to ZOBJ (you must select a ZOBJ to overwrite).
  • OBJECT and REPOINT sections now have a HexString(x) function.

Further details lie in the manual.

And you can grab the latest revision here.

zzconvert 1.0.7 update

Hierarchical display lists derived from riggedmesh were sometimes breaking on some processors due to features introduced in revision 6. This revision fixes that problem.

Bug report credits: AriaHiroDKD

zzconvert 1.0.6 update

zzconvert improvements

  • Can now write ZOBJ as C code for embedding into an actor overlay (like the Arwing, spells, and elemental arrows).
  • C output #define values are now prefixed with 0x as they should be.
  • Collision (group names ending in _COLLISION are treated as such) (reference the updated manual for information on collision flags)
  • Smoother animations (bug report credit Zel)
  • Animated texture banks are now indexed to 256 colors to reduce potential errors
  • Group names ending in _OBJECT or _COLLISION will be translated such that their Blender origin will be moved to the origin of world space (requires latest OBJEX).

zzromtool 1.0.4 update

zzromtool improvements

  • scene folder and entrance-cutscenes.txt names should now be fixed for good
  • can now use patching system on actor overlays and code1
  • roms dumped with r2 now rebuild with r4 (bug report credit AriaHiroDKD)

zzromtool 1.0.3 update

The following changes have been made:

  • The scene names in entrance-cutscenes.txt now work properly.
  • In actor/x/conf.txt, initialization values are no longer written on export. The import functionality still supports them, for those who wish to use them.
  • In actor/x/actor.zovl, the magic string scubadiver no longer overwrites the initialization values, in favor of overwriting unused padding bytes with the values 0xDEAD and 0xBEEF.
  • In actor/x/conf.txt, the Reserve feature has been removed, both on export and import.
  • Patch files in the patch directory that were not applied to any files during the build process will now throw errors so you know they weren’t applied.
  • The VRAM address of code1 can now be customized by editing the ZZRP file in a text editor.

zzromtool 1.0.2 update

Scuba gear is no longer necessary, as a new initialization data search method is now available for those who wish to use it:

In an actor’s initialization data, the first two bytes, which normally represent the actor’s number, should be replaced with the bytes 0xDEAD. Ten bytes later are two unused padding bytes, which we replace with 0xBEEF. See seagull.c for an example of this applied in C. You may also omit the Initialization section of conf.txt.

Additionally, two new tutorials are live, geared towards setting up mips64gcc and compiling actor overlays written in C.

zzromtool 1.0.1 update

Apparently I forgot to test dumping a rom with the previous revision before releasing.

It should work now. 8)

zzromtool 1.0.0 update

The following updates have been made

  • repoint.tsv allows file size specifier.
  • patch directory to make 3Q integration easier

More details can be found in the manual.

zzromtool released

It’s finally stable enough for a public release. Please reference the guides and the manual for all the specifics, as it has its fair share of nuances and a thousand-and-one things that could go wrong when using it.


zzplayas 1.0.1 update

Now supports non-debug OoT as long as you edit your manifest files accordingly, as well as ZZRP files when using in conjunction with zzromtool. Sample manifest files compatible with 1.0 U can be found here.