zztexview 1.0.1 update

Bug fix: could not edit value/text boxes after clicking drop-downs

Bug fix: “Scale” drop-down text now wraps properly when scrolling on it

Bug report credits: AriaHiro, Zeldaboy14

zztexview released

zzrtl 1.0.3 update

Majora’s Mask scripts are now available.

r3 credits
    - /Zel/ - MM script collaboration

r3 changes
    - final changes to make MM scripts possible
    - MM scripts are now available
    - updated OoT scripts
    - dump scripts now work on compressed roms
    - extension assertion: zzrtl now complains if
      provided with a file not of the extension .rtl
    - raw data assertion: zzrtl now complains if
      provided with a file that doesn't contain some
      form of "int main" (e.g. an html file saved
      with the .rtl extension)
    - added a function file_exists(fn) to check if a
      file exists (returns 1 if it does, 0 otherwise)
    - rom.inject_dma() function added for injecting
      a file over a known existing DMA entry
      (file-size must match file being overwritten)
      (rom.inject_raw_dma() also available)
    - rom.extract_dma() function added for extracting
      a file of a known DMA index
    - .next() and .remaining() are now able to be
      used with conf files of type list, for the
      purpose of stepping through list items
    - .name() and .value() functions for retrieving
      the name and value (as strings) of the
      selected conf list item have been added
    - an int_array() function to make up for zzrtl
      not supporting int array[32]; type declarations
    - a new_string() function for easy string building
    - rom version checking to reduce weird errors
      encountered from using a dump/build script with
      a rom not supported by it
    - loadfile() function added
    - tsv_col_row() function added

zzplayas 1.0.3 update

This revision eliminates a rare bug that was encountered when an old pointer and a new pointer share the same offset.

zzrtl project files are now supported as well. If you used an older dump script to generate your filesystem, you will have to edit your project.zzrpl file in Notepad++ so that the variables used by zzplayas are prefixed with ZZPLAYAS_, like so:

zzrtl                   v0.01
baserom                 "baserom.z64"
ZZPLAYAS_VROM_CODE      "'baserom.z64'+0x00B3C000"
ZZPLAYAS_VROM_PLAYER    "'baserom.z64'+0x00CA7F00"

The scripts on the repo have been updated to reflect this change.

Due to popular demand, the command line utility zzobjman.exe is included in the win32 folder of this release.

As always, you can find the update on the zzplayas download page.

Bug report and testing credits for this version: CrookedPoe and Skilar

z64enc: added lzo and aplib support

LZO and APLIB patches are now available

A big thanks to Mikau6 for testing these on hardware.

zzrtl 1.0.2 update

r2 changes

  • faster compression
  • compression ratio is now printed afterwards
  • removed zx7 codec (was slower than ucl and had a worse compression ratio than ucl)
  • added aplib codec (better ratio than ucl, and faster load times than ucl on Wii VC; the only downside is roms take a few minutes to compress)

r2 credits

  • Mikau6 - hardware testing

z64enc release

z64enc is now available. It lets you change the codec used for decompressing files in OoT and MM. It is described in more detail on the GitHub repo.

zzrtl 1.0.1 update

zzrtl has received the following updates.

r1 changes

  • added compression codecs ucl, xz7, slowyaz
  • added support for deleted files in MM dmadata specification (aka pstart == pend == -1)
  • added rearchive(), file_dma(), and cloudpatch()
  • added --compress command line argument so zzrtl can be used as a standalone rom compressor
  • added --nocache command line argument for doing compression without generating a cache folder
  • added --cloudpatch command line argument for easy command line cloudpatching
  • added --help command line argument so a massive wall of documentation doesn’t pop up and scare double-clickers away
  • stability improvements
  • when compressing a file makes it larger, its uncompressed counterpart is used instead
  • better compressed file packing

r1 notes

  • individual files compressed with slowyaz are byte-identical to those in retail roms; aside from weird corner cases, there is no reason you should use slowyaz; it is slower than yaz and produces files slightly larger than yaz…
  • it should now contain everything necessary to support Majora’s Mask

r1 credits

  • Mikau6, CrookedPoe - hardware testing

zzrtl 1.0.0 update

Eliminated compression bug. Testing credits go to AriaHiro.

zzrtl released


it is here