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TP Link 64 Deluxe source now available

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wild berries

These wild berries are growing in my backyard. What can I say? I really like berries. 🍓

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zzrtl is now open source

You can find the source code on zzrtl’s GitHub repo. I never got the chance to clean it up, so don’t laugh.

new website

My website is no longer powered by Google Sites. If you’re looking for deprecated software or for a nostalgia trip, the old site can still be found at It is no longer receiving updates.

RIP in peace, Google Sites

Legacy Google Sites are being discontinued, so I’m mirroring everything over to This is a great opportunity to break away from the Web 1.0 meme and do something new with the website.

z64decompress release

My Zelda 64 decompressor. Find it on GitHub.

z64compress release

My Zelda 64 rom compressor. Find it on GitHub.

new play-as pipeline released

It is pretty much final now.

The new Blender tutorial explains how to use everything.

A huge thank you to everyone who contributed. :)

Can’t wait for the bug reports. ;(

gfxasm source code released

Something I’ve been meaning to open-source since I wrote it.

Find it on GitHub.

zzrtl 1.0.4 update

Remember this junk from the manual?

repack should always be false (0) unless you modify MM’s packing functionality; this makes it so the re-encoded files fit at the offsets of the original files within the archives (this is to get around MM’s hard-coded references to the assets; if you happen to use custom code for MM archive parsing, you can use true (1)

It turns out that was dead wrong. The actual problem was, certain parts of a certain (few?) archive(s)’s file table(s) were being overwritten thanks to a hiccup in my alignment code. Thankfully, Aroenai was able to pinpoint one of these broken files and the bug was fixed in no time.

One less thing to haunt me; thanks again, Aroenai!

r4 credits

  • Aroenai - MM yaz archive bug report and testing

r4 changes

  • relocating yaz files within archives was not working properly due to alignment, but now it is; thanks for the bug report, Aroenai!